The Gluck Legacy

Meet Martha Gluck. She is a family sim, and she likes undies and good cooks but I think she is turned off by stink. I could be wrong. She went to Red’s Retro 50’s diner to meet someone… LOL!! She found Florence Delerosa, Lookin’ good! Yes!! She asked Flo marry her and of course she […]

Oh ok..

I thought that I had a Sims 2 update but I don’t. LOL! Oh well.. I will play the Sims again today. Then, I will have an update for y’all. sorry. Church was good, but I heard some very sad news, a 3 month old baby girl is battling Stage 3 cancer. This makes me […]

The Hunter Simself Legacy

I decided to make myself in the Sims 3. LOL And you can download me here… this game (the 3rd) is the only one where I can share my sims, bc I can’t do beyond gen 1 in the Sims 2, and my Sims 4 game is cracked so… yeah. There I am. Redhead, freckface […]

House of 1,000 Corpses and just watching other horrors…

I loved this movie, it was sick and twisted… much like my own sense of humour. I give it 5 ⭐️ out of 5. Lots of gore, the only thing missing was zombies… that would have made it purrfect, I heart zombies. TWD is like the best show ever. 😁 I misplaced my 3ds xl. […]

More snaps

Just a few. I’m playing the sims 3 right now.. I will post screenshots later. I’m just relaxing … not much is up… it is, as my sister says, a lazy Saturday… well.. that’s all I have for now. It’s going to rain today, Siri says it is a 90 to 100% chance starting at […]

Good day!

Today Bees got a new hairdo. I had pierogies and salad for lunch. Really nice. I think I will just relax until Liz comes. Then I will have my bath. I am going to have a cool bath bc it’s kind of hot outside… Sammy

More pictures

I took these pix while out for an evening walk… I’m the redhead with the black glasses. Sammy


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